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The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK) announces rebrand to PRHK

The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK) announces rebrand to PRHK

May 31st 2018

PRHK: A new look and fresh direction for Hong Kong’s 17-year-old PR & Communications industry organisation

The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK) has become PRHK in a rebrand that brings a new look and fresh direction to the 17-year-old industry body.  The move signals its intent to keep the organisation relevant, reach a wider audience, and cultivate the next generation of talent while representing local values, ethics and culture.

The organisation was established in 2001 to provide a forum and a voice for Hong Kong’s PR agencies and build confidence in the industry. PRHK will continue this legacy, actively fostering the reputation of PR and communications in Hong Kong alongside promoting the commercial and community value of our work.

Under its new identity and in an effort to encourage participation from the full spectrum of industry practitioners in a more inclusive way, PRHK extends its membership categories to include corporate, individual professional, student and affiliate memberships in addition to agency membership.

On behalf of the Board of PRHK, chairperson Kiri Sinclair, said, “Our industry is changing and we need to change with it. PR today encompasses an increasing range of skill sets, a more diverse talent pool and a broader, integrated approach to communications marketing. With unity and inclusiveness at our core, PRHK is ready to help our members take on the challenges and opportunities in our careers and our industry. PRHK is a modern and forward-looking industry organisation for public relations and communications professionals in Hong Kong. We represent, champion, promote and support the industry, its professionals, its academic institutions and their students.”

Kiri Sinclair PRHK - rebrand launch

Chairperson Kiri Sinclair introduces the new PRHK on 30 May.

PRHK runs a number of initiatives aimed at talent and professional development, fostering ever higher standards, and promoting the value of the industry and the work of its professionals. Its initiatives include monthly seminars and training events, facilitating discussion and response to current issues and trends, as well as its annual industry benchmarking research. With an ongoing passion for developing Young Professionals, PRHK recently hosted the 2018 Hong Kong Young PR Lions competition, which will see two lucky winners travel in June to the Cannes Lions, considered the Oscars of the international marketing industry.  This comes on the back of the first PRHK Mentorship Programme launched last year.

Leading the way in setting industry standards, PRHK has updated its Code of Practice for members. This blueprint for best practices in the PR and communications industry protects consumers, clients and employees from unethical behaviour that might bring the entire industry into disrepute. It also champions the great value for business and society in promoting and safeguarding transparent, accurate and effective communications. Agreement to uphold the Code of Practice is required to become a member of PRHK.

Accompanying the launch of the new brand, PRHK has a new online home. Presenting a showcase of Hong Kong’s best work to a global audience, the website provides details of our members, case studies of their work and their latest industry news. The new site also includes payment functionality for members and non-members to register and pay for PRHK’s Learning Series and Partner Series events.

PRHK’s new logo is a visual representation of the notion that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. In essence, PRHK is individual members and companies working together to promote public relations. This idea has been visually translated into the modular geometric shapes which make up the letters of PRHK’s new logo. The frame around ‘HK’ represents PRHK’s focus on being an inclusive organisation, from encompassing diversity amongst member agencies to engaging the next generation of local PR talent.