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What we do

PRHK is a modern and forward-looking industry organisation for PR and communications professionals in Hong Kong. It represents, champions, promotes and supports the Hong Kong public relations and communications industry, its professionals, its affiliates, its academic institutions and their students.

PRHK is a forum for discussion, learning and networking; an advocate for the industry and monitor of best practices within it; an interface between industry, academia, the business community, government and affiliated media and marketing sectors; and a point of entry for overseas companies, individuals and associations into Hong Kong’s PR scene.

PRHK runs a number of initiatives aimed at talent and professional development, fostering ever higher standards, and promoting the value of the industry and the work of its professionals. Its initiatives include monthly seminars and training events, facilitating discussion and response to current issues and trends, as well as its annual industry benchmarking research.

Established as the Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong (CPRFHK) in 2001, the organisation was rebranded to PRHK in 2018.