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Public Relations and Advertising Competition 2019 – Make Your Ideas a Reality!

Public Relations and Advertising Competition 2019 – Make Your Ideas a Reality!

April 09th 2019

For this year’s annual Public Relations and Advertising campaign competition, The Young Agency was honoured to partner with PRHK Ltd as our co-organizer. It was a thrilling and exciting moment for us to once again bring together our most innovative students from PRA concentration to make their ideas come true – this time we were glad to have KKBOX Hong Kong, one of the leading music streaming services across APAC, to be our client of 2019. Thanks to all the hard work our students made throughout the journey, this year’s competition was a great success that worth sharing with everyone!

Each year, PRA students are divided into 4 teams named “Tiger”, “Dragon”, “Phoenix” and “Cobra”. Each team was given a 20-min presentation and 10-min Q&A to share their ideas on raising KKBOX awareness as well as to boost their subscription rate for their family plan. This year, we set up a new award called “Best Pitching Award” after the consideration of all the judges, to encourage students who are dedicated to persuade others using their communication skills. As the result, “Dragon” won the special award as the whole team demonstrated an outstanding pitching skills with confidence.

For both the “Best Campaign Award” and “Creative Campaign Award”, they were granted to the “Tiger” team. The judges believed that the campaign theme of “Tiger” was unexpected and out-of-the-box. The theme of this team is called “盒家歡樂”. The idea comes from the word “合家歡樂”. They change “合” into “盒”so that “盒家” literally stands for KKBOX family plan and figuratively, it also represents a gift box received by the family. “樂” means music and happiness as it combines with the word “歡”. The theme “盒家歡樂” gives a message that as a person subscribes to the KKBOX family plan for its family, not only will they receive an unique and meaningful gift, but also develop a closer relationship and therefore become joyful. Tactics include promotional video, OOH events “盒家樂工場” and tailored message recall service are generated, followed by different PR efforts like press releases, event invitation and pitching.

Once again, a big thanks to PRHK and KKBOX, the champion is guaranteed with an opportunity to work as an intern in the agencies under PRHK. Moreover, a mentorship program is specially arranged for them, giving advices for their future career development.

Cheung Kam Sar, Creative Director of The Young Agency of HKBU