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PRHK Event Summary: 2021 Future Trends

February 16th 2021

Past Event: 2021 Future Trends

To discuss what lies ahead for communications professionals in 2021 PRHK put together its largest ever panel of experts. PRHK chairperson Rachel Catanach tested the predictive powers of the leaders of seven local and multinational agencies to future gaze from a distinctly Hong Kong perspective. There was no doubt that COVID-19 had transformed society with far reaching consequences for brands. 2020 was certainly the year of employee engagement and this will continue to be critical in 2021 and beyond. But it had perhaps delayed the full flowering of corporate purpose as a communications priority to the year ahead as the values consumers are basing purchasing decisions on have shifted, perhaps permanently. Digital transformation continues apace changing how we interact and how we buy. Technology is also putting demands on all of us as professionals to expand our skillsets from campaign planning to how we engage with media. And recognizing the pressures of the work environment, whether that be home or office, we will all be more cognizant of our personal wellbeing to ensure we move from merely surviving to thriving. The discussion concluded with the group agreeing that our 2022 future trends discussion would likely take place as a hybrid in-person and virtual event!