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November 23rd 2021


November 23 2021

Dear PRHK members,

As we hurtle towards the end of 2021, I’m so proud with everything PRHK has achieved this year. In this letter I provide a glimpse of what we’ve been up to and hope to inspire you all to continue membership in 2022, and, most importantly, get actively involved in our thriving association.

One of the most powerful roles PRHK plays is making meaningful connections for members not just within our Hong Kong community but beyond. We therefore launched our first agency finder service on our website, a simple free tool designed to help match prospects with suitable partners.  

We’ve also really focused on events – inspiring and connecting our members in person where possible, and hybrid. We partnered with Invest Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association to host a seminar on communications strategies for Mainland Chinese enterprises looking to ‘go global’ via Hong Kong. Helping our members benefit from Greater Bay Area opportunities will remain a major focus for us. We’ve also provided access to members for topical seminars such as “Communicating & Marketing New Technology,” and “Vaccine and Vaccine Hesitancy in Hong Kong”.  

Extending PRHK’s connections with complementary industry associations such as PRCA, IABC, AMEC has helped to ensure our members have access to diverse perspectives and the latest industry thinking.  Our partnership with Marketing Interactive contributes two member Viewpoints a month, and with such a wealth of content we’ve introduced a new regular newsletter to complement our website and social channels.

The communications industry in Hong Kong is made so special because of the wealth of talent we have here, so a huge priority for us is the further development and support of our members – particularly as we all navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic ‘Great Resignation’.  Shepherding bright new talent into our industry is vital to keep Hong Kong’s PR industry competitive, and we invested our time with the Hong Kong universities over the last 12 months advising on curriculum, guest lecturing, and offering student mentorship.    We continue to support the Young Lions Competition, a world-class competition that spotlights young creativity, and although the team was not able to travel to Cannes this year, we arranged the next best thing – a three-night staycation in one of Hong Kong’s best hotels.

I’m especially proud of the formation of our new subcommittee, providing a platform for our industry’s future leaders. We’ve tasked the new PRHK Next Generation Leaders with reviewing one of the biggest challenges for the comms industry – work life balance – and setting new standards.  Early next year they will unveil their recommendations that we hope will become a blueprint for communications professionals of all levels. 

PRHK is of course nothing without its wonderful and diverse members. We are aiming to increase our membership and thereby further increase effectiveness of PRHK through fostering inclusive industry participation. PRHK is not just for agencies, and we invite all corporates, in-house professionals, individual professionals, students and affiliates to join PRHK alongside the existing membership portfolio of local, regional and global PR agencies.  

As a friendly reminder, we ask that members renew subscriptions by the end of January. Please note that 2022 subscriptions include a 5 percent increase to help cover increased costs – we hope members understand given the packed member benefits we provide, and that we’ve managed to keep fees static for the last 10 years. 

I’m feeling optimistic for the year ahead, and look forward to your continued support, and encourage your active participation.   We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us at PRHK’s End of Year lunch in December.

Best wishes,

Annouchka Behrmann