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November 23rd 2020

Dear PRHK members,

2020 was another landmark year for our association in Hong Kong set amidst the backdrop of COVID 19 which has heavily impacted all of our businesses and the broader economy. 

Despite the challenging operating environment, PRHK has managed to meet monthly – both in person and virtually – and has also hosted more than 12 professional events throughout the year covering topics as diverse as “EQ Wellness for PR Professionals & Teams”, “Marketing Pulse Webinar: Insider’s Guide to Livestream and KOL Marketing in Mainland China” and “PRHK Lunch and Learn Webinar: Influencer Marketing – Who is in control?”. 

Additionally, in between COVID case spikes, we hosted a number of earned Tuesday social events giving the PR community an opportunity to meet and mingle outside the more structured PRHK events, initiating industry conversations.

As many of you know, I’m particularly keen for PRHK to provide leadership and opportunities to our next generation of future leaders.  To this end, our future focus will be on providing additional training, development and leadership opportunities for HK’s young generation of talent and future leaders through such vehicles as Young Lions Competition, training in Cantonese with external trainers and webinar sessions, as well as university outreach. 

For the latter, PRHK Board members have already been engaging with six universities throughout the city giving input on course content, proposed guest lectures and career talks amid our constant endeavours to mentor the next generation of talent.  

On the government front, we’re talking to various departments on policy initiatives regarding the formation of the Greater Bay Area and how we can extend our influence into the new and upcoming region.  

The Board is contributing to leading industry publications and conferences, offering their views on trending topics and issues.  Our partnership with Marketing Interactive continues with our monthly PRHK Viewpoints article and we also collaborate with PRCA, IABC, AMEC and other industry associations to ensure our members have access to diverse perspectives and the latest industry thinking. 

We feel that the wider marketing communications community and the government knows who we are and what we do. 

During these COVID times it’s important to demonstrate the value of PR and communications and its continued role as we emerge into the post-pandemic world. 

In case it’s forgotten, the previous 1918-20 pandemic quickly gave rise to the roaring 20s as people shrugged off the hardships and inconveniences to live life to the full.  With it, business boomed, new innovations occurred and the skylines changed in many cities around the world.  I expect no different this time.  

And swiftly onto memberships.  With the year-end approaching it’s time to renew our memberships which have to be settled by end of January.  

Recognising the current challenges, we are also offering all new members a special “first time member fee and annual subscription” of HK$3,200 to join PRHK and take advantage of the many programmes and events that the PRHK will offer in 2021.  

We look forward to your continued support, and encourage your active participation. 

Rachel Catanach