Harborfront Commision – Belcher Bay Promenade’s 1st Birthday Party

Celebrating the Belcher Bay Promenade’s birthday with splendor

Having served the community for a year, the Harbourfront office wanted to celebrate Belcher Bay Promenade’s 1st birthday party in October 2021, aiming to create an attractive event for the public to enjoy and increase the area’s positive reputation. With only 3 weeks to plan this project, the CCG team had to strategize the optimal way to celebrate this grand event.


Planning a hybrid birthday party filled with charm and fun

The CCG team initiated planning for a hybrid birthday party working closely with the production team to ensure all installations went smoothly along the timeline. KOLs and celebrities were invited to promote the event online, while public participants who attended physically enjoyed a fun atmosphere filled with elements of a fun birthday party, including a giant cake, finger foods, and an on-site clown to engage with the kids. In addition, the CCG team successfully managed 100+ food deliveries to online participants and had them engage with the event through the livestream.


Establishing the legacy for Belcher Bay promenade’s first birthday party

The event went without a hitch with over 100 online participants engaging with the event in addition to in-person participants. 3 workshops were well received by the community in 3 consecutive weekends, and the installations were very popular among the kids and parents.

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