Global launch of uCloudlink’s CloudSIM and GlocalMe® Inside World Phone



uCloudlink wanted to raise the company’s profile among traders and consumers, and globally launch its CloudSIM technology and brand new GlocalMe® Inside World Phone, mainly targeting APAC and the US markets



The tech and mobile phone industry are highly competitive and dominated by Apple and Samsung. How could the brand convince media, traders and consumers to try uCloudlink’s products?


The innovative technology involves sophisticated tech deployments, which meant LEWIS had to consider what the most suitable communication channel and engagement method to illustrate this brand-new invention would be.


Travellers tend to get Wi-Fi pockets or a local SIM cards when they travel. How could the team attract and shift target audience habits to use phones with CloudSIM technology?



LEWIS proposed a media, community and influencer global launch event in Hong Kong, providing a hands-on experience to try the products. This was also an exclusive opportunity for media from across Asia to meet and interview uCloudlink’s founder and management.


A modern, prime and chic venue was chosen for the global launch. It featured a number of interactive elements including a photo opportunity where guests were virtually placed in front of famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These photos were live streamed on a LED screen at the launch.


The launch was also live streamed on GlocalMe Moment’s Facebook page, while executive interviews with APAC media gave uCloudlink the opportunity to increase trust and confidence in their products.



  • 200 news articles, generating over 120 million impressions
  • 50 media in attendance covering 43 regional publications
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