FWD: Empowering people to live life to the fullest

An empowering CSR campaign

FWD, an insurance company, believes in the importance of giving back, as well as supporting communities with disabilities. With a vision for Community Care, FWD empowers people to live life to the fullest through campaigns that raise public awareness and promote social inclusion. FWD partnered with Special Olympics Hong Kong to champion the spirit of diversity and inclusion, under the theme of #PlayUnified. Key communication challenges included making FWD stand out from the crowd to compete with other long-standing insurance companies and educating the wider community to foster a more inclusive and accepting society. 


Engaged with purpose

We built strong story angles to appeal to different media sectors by identifying touch points and utilising various spokespersons while simultaneously generating brand awareness and promoting FWD’s position as a leader in corporate CSR initiatives. We facilitated creative partnerships with Special Olympics Hong Kong, local sports KOLs and the well-known Hong Kong band, Supper Moment. To engage with our target audiences, we held an interactive kick-off ceremony featuring bocce, a sport unique to the Special Olympics, and emerging sport dodgebee, to showcase the spirit of social inclusion. Media were invited to witness this showcase of diversity and inclusion. Key campaign messages were amplified through various owned channels, earned media coverage, and through social media channels. 


Showcased the spirit of social inclusion

The campaign generated 60 stories across broadcast, print, online and social media, in Hong Kong publications such as Capital Weekly, Now TV, Cable TV, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Ming Pao, Metro Daily, and Now Sports, all of which were positive or neutral sentiment.

During the campaign period, FWD’s brand awareness and consideration was increased by 10 percent and 60 percent respectively. Google searches in Hong Kong for Special Olympics increased by 22 percent and the Hong Kong Special Olympics Facebook page gained 5 percent fan growth.

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