Honor Artology – owning the ‘colors’ conversation

Helping HONOR connect with the millennials.

HONOR’s leading innovation and cutting-edge design is well-known in the technology community, but it was not as popular and appreciated by the lifestyle media and influencers. HONOR needed to establish a strong lifestyle image – going beyond being just a mobile brand to a brand that resonates with the millennials.


Work of art, curated for millennials.

We collaborated with an up-and-coming female Asian artist to create an installation using 2,000 pieces of recycled glass backs of HONOR smartphones. The aurora allowed the product’s USP – ever-changing color – to shine through as the artwork reflected blue and purple hues from different viewing directions.

To showcase this artwork in the best possible way, and position the brand in the lifestyle, art and culture space, we curated an exhibition in Hong Kong. Designed for the global millennial, the exhibition was widely promoted as an experiential zone that allowed influencers to discover the artwork on social media via AR.  The light display and installation facilitated organic conversations around the product’s quality.


Setting the artology trend.

The campaign generated 2,149 pieces of International coverage across 12 markets where HONOR is strongly associated with colors.

Over the campaign period, the term “Artology” was mentioned 6 376 times and the number of online mentions of HONOR and “color” more than doubled.

The campaign accentuated HONOR’s proposition as a lifestyle brand and demonstrated the brand’s ability to appeal to the millennials.

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